10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary

We at Read Around Bath are very proud to be celebrating our tenth anniversary this year. Beginning with pilot projects ten years ago, we now run a healthy array of reading groups for socially disadvantaged people in the Banes area. This on-going growth is thanks to the committed team of volunteers who so ably contribute in various key roles and to the continued funding we receive from various sources. Books and reading do change lives and we very much hope to continue to provide this service for years to come.

The plot

The simple pleasure of turning to a good book for relaxation, for comfort, for stimulation or escapism is second nature to many of us. And the joys of “being read to” remind us of the bliss of childhood story time.

But sadly for many those pleasures have been lost…or just never found.

Yet books and the pleasures of reading particularly as a group can and does improve mental wellbeing and help increase confidence, articulacy and literacy, and, crucially, combat social isolation.

“Reading has much to contribute to the support of individuals and community, wellbeing, development and learning…Reading is empowering. It supports mental balance, self-esteem and informed decision making.”

Reading Agency

It was with these ideals in mind that the charity Read Around Bath was founded.

With an increasingly ageing population, and so many lonely and socially disadvantaged people right here on our doorsteps we aim to bring those forgotten joys back into people’s lives.

The story so far

Founded in 2007 the charity Read Around Bath now runs ten reading groups working with many of the local agencies in the Bath area such as Genesis Trust, Julian House, Guinness Housing, Bath Festivals and a number of care homes.

The charity is staffed by a team of reader co-ordinator volunteers and backed by Bath Library, with books generously provided by both Bath Library and Mr B’s Bookshop.

Each reading group has its own dynamic with the format and subject matter being agreed to suit the needs of that group.